“I Am the Way’ is based on music that resolves, because Jesus is the resolver. Jesus is the solution to all our problems. People haven’t changed in 2,000 years. They have the same problems today as the bible characters did.” — Jerome Hines, writer of “I Am the Way”

2 Corinthians 12:7-10
John 3:16-21 (esp. 17)
Ephesians 3:14-21

Is Jesus enough for me? Is he enough to bring me back?  Or do I need the right church, the right books, the right job or the right pastor? Do I need the proper friends? Do I need to dress a certain way and attend certain conventions, while eschewing certain words?

He led a people out of Egypt. Can he lead me out of the slavery of my wounds and past?  Do I need counselors, exercise and medications for this? Can Jesus make me patient, kind, good, loving, joyful, peaceful, gentle, faithful, self-controlled? Or will that merely happen “with time”?

Can this friend of sinners help me through divorce? Sexual abuse? Alcoholism? Adultery? Addiction? Broken self-image? Bankruptcy? Failed businesses and a shattered career? Self-righteousness? Arrogance? Pride? A desire to steal? A habit of deceit? Can he who rose from the dead also resurrect me from rejection? Should I look to meditation and retreats for these?

Can he who forgave Peter help me love friends who betrayed me? Can this friend of outcasts help me see beauty in those who are different, or just a little “off”?  Is he enough to overcome the ego that rules me? Is he enough to overcome my need for affirmation, or my compulsion to follow anyone who offers attention? Can he deal with my fears? Can he lead me out of the past? Can he help me forgive myself? Or am I on my own?

Can he who sent the adulterous woman away new also make me new?

What’s more, can he love me? Me, who is broken, abused, addicted? Me, who steals, lies, curses, wounds and lusts? Me, who stumbles, falls, fails, and then judges others for the same?

Is he enough to uncover something magnificent inside me? Is he enough to help me believe that I possess goodness and beauty? Or will I continue to dislike who I am, and believe myself ugly? Can he teach me that he sees me otherwise? Can he help me see myself otherwise? Can he who asked Peter, “Where is your faith?” give me faith?

Is he bigger than my doctrine? My religion? My possessions? My view of the world? My needs and hurts? My prejudices? Is he big enough?

Is Jesus enough for me?


© 2006