“As you walk with Jesus, resting your head on His heart, you will learn to know His Word, His will, and His ways. You will want to obey Him, not out of forced compliance, but out of heartfelt connection. Your joy will abound as you remain in His love.” — Sue Detweiler


Genesis 5:24
Genesis 6:9
Micah 6:8

Reading through Genesis, and indeed, the Old Testament, one cannot miss numerous references to people who “walked with God.” Enoch actually walked so closely with God that, in the end, God took him straight into His presence.

But what does this mean, exactly? What does it look like for us to walk, day by day, with our Maker? After all, we can’t see Him or touch Him. We cannot feel His form tangibly and, most of the time, we cannot hear His voice verbally (although some have).

As I ponder the question of what it means to truly walk with God, I am reminded of a sticky note I put on my mirror years ago. It simply says this:

“Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and allow Him to live through me.
Stay holy and set apart in your thoughts and actions.
Be inspired every day to walk with Him and pass on His blessings.” — January 1, 2013.

This little pink Post-it note bears the scars of its age. It’s been tattered and splattered, as well as torn around its edges. These words that came to me on New Year’s Day, 2013 breathe life into my soul every morning. I remember that I was praying and trying to simply listen for some sort of message from the Almighty. The words that tumbled out onto the Post-it are the exact expression that flowed naturally into my consciousness in that moment. I still recall the feelings of peace and love that washed over me.

So this has become the game plan for my life. I desire every morning to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ and allow Him to live through me.” During the course of the day, I attempt to keep my thoughts and actions pure and set apart from simply worldly ones. I constantly ask the Lord to quicken my spirit and inspire me to “walk with Him and pass on His blessings.”

Although these are the words the Lord gave me, I realize that He has a special and unique design for each person who would choose to walk with Him. In the end, we will live a fruitful life — filled and fulfilled.

How am I walking through life now, and is my life bearing good fruit?
What should my walk with God look like?
What words would the Lord give me to draw upon as I walk with Him?


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