“…I think of you, do you think of me?.” — Counting Crows, “Rain King”

Revelation 21, 22
Daniel 7:11-14
Daniel 7:26-27
Matthew 5:1-20

In heaven, I think George Steinbrenner won’t be able to buy all the players he wants.

I think celebrities won’t be as weird as they are here, and politicians won’t be as insecure.

In heaven, I think NBA players will play hard all game, all 82 games.

I think beer will be cheap at concerts, pro sports games and fall festivals.

I think heaven will see Mick Jagger and Keith Richards get along.

I think the Ryder Cup will be evenly matched every year.

In heaven, I think healthy food will taste great.

I think the BCS will work properly, resulting in an eight-team playoff.

I think all barbeque will come from Memphis.

We’ll never cork the wine.

I think all customers at restaurants will tip servers well.

That’s some of what I think.

This is what I really think, though. In heaven, we’ll be able to watch the sunrise. Heavy eyes won’t need to shut.

I think we’ll have strength to write the inspired words in our head before we fall asleep at night.

In heaven, eyestrain won’t prevent us from finishing a captivating book.

In heaven, we won’t worry about making more money for a rainy day.

The rainy days that do come will be for mud games and stomping in puddles.

In heaven, we won’t have the pressure of holding an acceptable job.

Flies will stay away from our food, and our cups of tea and coffee.

We will run because we actually enjoy it, not to carve an acceptable body.

When we do run, joints won’t hurt, ankles won’t turn and bones won’t ache.

In heaven, we’ll be able to offer a roommate the last two eggs in the carton without resentment or selfishness.

I think cell phones, email and other interruptions won’t intrude on friendships.

We’ll need not say, “I wish I had more time.” We’ll have plenty.

Cosmetic surgery won’t exist. We’ll be happy with how we look.

In heaven, we’ll enjoy sitting by the water. We won’t have to work it into our Daytimer and schedule a meeting with it.

I think we’ll look each other in the eye, saying “hello” when we pass by.

In heaven, I don’t think our lusts will steal our time, focus or efforts.

We won’t “have to run” to a meeting or appointment. We’ll be able to stay.

Fear won’t dictate our days.

In heaven, our misdirected appetites won’t drive us. Love will.

In heaven, depression won’t visit us. And we won’t need medications.

I think we’ll be able to listen to each other and to God without distractions.

Do you think about heaven?
What do you think?
How does this change how we think about life in this world?


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