Romans 10:1-13
Mark 4:9-12
Matthew 13:11-17

Why do I believe A+ grades make me a person who passes muster?

Why do I believe my fraternity/sorority’s letters make me acceptable in general?

Why do I believe I’m better than someone because my clothes are from Kenneth Cole or Dolce and Gabbana?

Why do I believe I’m innately more cultured and civilized than the girl I work with who comes from the boondocks?

Why do I believe my job makes more me more qualified to understand life and the world than the cashier at grocery?

Why do I believe my involvement in campus ministry says I am more spiritual than those who aren’t involved?

Why do I believe these things wait for me right after this life moment: school, job, engagement, pregnancy?

Why do I believe new items at Best Buy make me new?

Why do I believe having left my hometown makes me more wise and accomplished than my peers who remain? 

Why do I believe I have greater authority than others because I’ve traveled the world?

Do I believe I’m really a good person? 

Do I believe I’m good enough to date/marry anyone?

Do I believe I’m too good to date/marry anyone?

Do I believe my clothes tell people who I am?  Not just something about me, but all of me?

What about my car, my house, my job, my husband’s job or my wife’s looks?

Do I believe my charity, my giving, proves I’m a swell guy? Or does it make me a swell guy?

Do I believe I have it so much more together than others?

Why do I believe this extra fat on my tummy makes me less appealing to others?

Why do I believe happiness lives in New York, L.A., D.C., Chicago, Atlanta or Seattle?

Why do I believe Ivy League grads have some intrinsic value I don’t?

Why do I believe I need to work so hard to have people be proud of me?

Why do I believe I have to win at everything? Why do I believe I must prove something to someone, to myself?

Why do I believe I am better than those who drink? Do drugs? Sell drugs? Sell their bodies?

Why do I believe that corporate types and political bigwigs hold more value in the world than janitors and cafeteria workers?

Why do I believe people must be trash because of their clothes, car or hair?

Why do I believe I can know everything about someone from their actions?

Why do I believe the poor do it to themselves?

Why do I believe in capitalism so much?

And why do I believe in sports or politics so passionately?


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